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Great People Fuel Great Companies

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Full-Time Recruitment
People - not servers, not desks, not business cards - are what make a business successful. A core team of qualified, dedicated and passionate individuals is what drives innovation and reward. Pencom has a long history of meeting the core staffing need for full-time employees at its client companies.

Our recruiters can fill any open consulting needs within your organization. Whether your need is strictly contract or contract-to-hire, we provide highly skilled consultants for short-term, efficient solutions.

Executive Search
We recognize that the recruitment of your top-tier employees requires more discriminating standards, more broad experience, and more exhaustive qualifying than any other type of recruitment. Our executive search practice represents 28 years of experience, and the career-long relationships we've developed with scientific and technical professionals as they've risen through the best organizations.

Onsite Engagements
Pencom is prepared to dedicate recruiters solely to your company, rapidly staffing your positions with the best talent. Whether they sit with your staff or in our offices, our recruiters spend all their time working to staff-up your firm. With over 30 years of experience building both private and public companies, we can leverage that experience to develop a world-class recruiting mechanism for your company.