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Great People Fuel Great Companies

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Pencom has a successful track record of conceiving, funding, staffing and building rapid growthcompanies resulting in a successful IPO, a private sale and another firm with over 500 employees.

Concero, Inc.
Concero, Inc., founded in 1989 (and formally Pencom Software), as an e-business services firm committed to transforming business through the creative application of new technologies. Concero's core business involved building and deploying broadband e-business solutions. Concero was spun off in 1997.

Pencom Web Works
Founded in 1994, Pencom Web Works was one of the first Internet consulting services firms. In 1999, the product division was sold to a North Carolina company, Information Architects and the services segment was acquired by an Israeli company, Applicom, and operates under the name Netquotient.

Collective Technologies
Collective Technologies, Inc., founded in 1994 as Pencom Systems Administration, was a premier provider of network/systems administration and eBusiness infrastructure consulting services. Through its service offerings, Collective ensured the performance of the systems, networks and databases that are the foundation of eBusiness success. Collective was sold to MTI Technology Corporation in 2006.