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Never Miss An Opportunity
Today, more than ever, there are numerous sources of print and Web channels available to job seekers. Yet, over 80% of the best job opportunities are never advertised. That's part of the advantage of working with a Pencom technical recruiter, someone who respects your personal goals, understands your strengths and interests, and has the industry knowledge to help you through each career move. The right opportunity will reward you with exposure to challenging new technologies and aggressive compensation packages.

Make Pencom Your Career Partner
For over 30 years, Pencom has been the nation's largest recruiting firm specializing exclusively in high tech companies. Pencom recruiters are rigorously trained in the technical developments that drive our industries, as well as the successful marketing of our candidates. Your Pencom recruiter will help you in each step of your job search. You can count on us to help with interview preparations, relocation information, and - most importantly - the delicate salary negotiation process. We have the unique ability to streamline the time-consuming search process, allowing you to concentrate on only those positions that best meet your career objectives. We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of job seeker skills and industry trends. Since our clients hire us, we provide this service free of charge to you.
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